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Reception, Admin and facilities for fashion design, photo and digital media.

Winchester School of Art was founded over 120 years ago and is now part of the University of Southampton Faculty of Arts. The College already had an international reputation for fabric design and, since the opening of two new buildings, now  houses the Textile Conservation Centre, with its global reputation for the conservation of historic and contemporary textiles. Originally based at Hampton Court Palace the centre was relocated to Winchester in 1999, when the new buildings were completed. The other building houses the administration for the College, and  new facilities for fashion design, photo and digital media.
Many courses are offered, including, foundation in Art & Design, History of Art & Design, Fine Art, Visual Arts, Textile Art, Textile Design, Fashion, Fashion & Languages.
The Fine Art programmes stand for excellence of achievement in painting, printmaking and sculpture.
Postgraduate and Research opportunities are available in Art & Design, The History of Art, and Textile Conservation. 
Research in the history of textiles and dress has a distinctive record at Winchester, and the recent arrival of the Textile Conservation Centre makes possible a range of cross-disciplinary research projects in conservation, interpretation and museology.

20th Century School of Art. Attractive circular concrete and glass library and gallery building. Built in 1960's. Imaginatively sited on, and surrounded by, a moat. The North side exploits fine views of stretches of the River Itchen.   SU 484 298 Art College Annexe
Reception & the Textile Conservation building.
The Textile Conservation Building
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