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The buildings that form the Historic Resources Centre were built within part of the precinct of the medieval Hyde Abbey. Following the Dissolution of the Abbey in 1539, Richard Bethell built a large mansion from stone taken from the monastic buildings. The main building (Built of brick) formed a service wing to that mansion. The mansion was demolished in the 18th century, and the second building "the Barn" was built on the same site.

The house is a two-storeyed red brick building of about 1665 with a Dutch gable on the west front. The east side is earlier, of stone with a 15th or 16th century window on the first floor. House and Barn 'The Barn'
The rear view of 'The Barn' View of the Barn from the North West View of the Barn from the North East

The Historic Resources Centre is the headquarters of Winchester Museums Service. Most of the Museums staff are based here, and the Centre houses reserve collections, and provides the base for the archaeology fieldwork unit.
The Winchester sites and monuments record, a computerised compendium of the heritage of the district, is managed here and the Centre also houses a collection of some 30,000 old photographs of the area.

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