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(It is better to die than live a coward)

Gurkhas have been serving the British Crown for over 180 years, and have fought and died alongside their British comrades in nearly every Theatre of War around the world.

The Gurkha Museum is situated in the former Rifle Depot at Peninsula Barracks and is one of five military museums in Winchester. The first Gurkha Museum was established at Church Crookham in 1973, housed in a wooden hut. In 1989 this was closed and the artefacts transferred to Winchester. Officially opened on 16 July 1990 the Museum commemorates the service of Gurkhas to the British Crown since 1815, and to safeguard the heritage of the Brigade of Gurkhas by the conservation of records and artefacts pertaining to the old Indian Army Gurkha Brigade, the post-partition Brigade of Gurkhas and the present Brigade of Gurkhas.

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This Museum is well worth visiting.  The exhibits are well presented and interesting, with a good balance of information and interest. 
The Museum is housed in one half of Short Block. Most of the collections are on the ground and first floors and tell the story of Gurkha service to the Crown in many wars and campaigns.  They include uniforms, badges, medals, weapons, war trophies, paintings and pictures.  The displays are chronological and cover the Gurkha´s service in the old Indian Army.  From 1948 onwards they cover the story of the four Gurkha regiments transferred to the British Army and the corps which were subsequently raised to join them.

Besides tableaux, dioramas and showcases, there are visual and voice descriptions of this glorious history and a display commemorating the awards of 26 Victoria Crosses.
There is a reference library, archival and research room on the second floor.  The library holds books, documents, photographs, files and maps.  It is today the most important single source of  information about Gurkha regiments and corps, their officers and soldiers, to be found anywhere in the world.  There is also much information on the history and geography of Nepal and other countries in which Gurkhas have served, and on the language of the Gurkhas.
Also on this floor are the administrative offices and the very impressive Gallery.  The Museum’s principal medal and badge collections are displayed and can be viewed in this room, together with the best of the pictures, silver and other historical and regimental artefacts.
The Gallery is also used for exhibitions, Regimental Reunions, etc. and is available to the general public for hire.  There is  a small service kitchen and bar.

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