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We are currently seeking sponsorship for this site.

To promote your business or organisation you can choose from various options. The cost of each depends on the size of  the banner and the level in the site upon which your advert or banner is placed. The usual format will be  “This (page/section/site) sponsored by (...)”

To place a straightforward one page advert on the site costs a 50 one off setup fee, and an annual cost of 50. Prices for ‘Trade and Services’ entries and entries in the ‘Accommodation’ section, where ads are submitted online, are given in the relevant section.

The cost of  a banner ad on the site depends on it’s size and location in the site. The minimum cost for a banner ad is 50 p.a. for a banner or logo 135 x 45 pixels about 3K in size.
Banners on the home (index) page are subject to negotiation. The maximum size of any banner is 425 x 75 pixels.

Upon request, sponsors requiring confirmation of this sites performance will be e-mailed with server stats for the previous months performance as measured using the ‘Webaliser’ stats programme.

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