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Sarsen Stones, often called simply ‘Sarsens’, are natural Sandstone blocks left after the last Glaciation. Many have the characteristic angularity of stone that has been ground smooth, though some surprising shapes are possible. Because of their durability, smooth surfaces and their relative rarity, they are much sought after as markers, as ‘bollards’ to protect buildings, and foundation stones. They are also commonly built it to the walls or foundations of Churches.  Because of their usefulness, it is reasonably certain that not many of them remain in the same position as when they were deposited from the ice. The records show that at least 90 of the 111 recorded stones were placed in Baring Road up St Giles Hill, the site of the famous Mediaeval Fair. Most, if not all, of these would have had to have been collected, transported and placed there for a reason, though this will likely never be determined.

Hampshire County Council has a catalogue of most of the known stones in Winchester and the surrounding District.  For the sake of continuity we have used the same index numbers assigned to them in this catalogue, though there do seem to be some duplicate references, and there are apparent gaps in the records. The  Grid references given for each group of stones refer to their position as originally catalogued, and not necessarily to their current position.

It is apparent that, since the Hampshire County Council survey was carried out, many of the stones have been ‘lost’, having been moved or buried. Some have been removed into private gardens. Here is the ‘Catalogue’ as listed by HCC. -  Click on the highlighted references to see photos of the few remaining visible stones...





Sarsen Stones 2

 Sarsen Stone No. W.l7A

  North Walls recreation ground.

SU 483 301

Sarsen Stones 2

 Sarsen Stone No. Wl7C

  Corner of Beggar's Lane and Blue Ball Hill.

SU 487 295

Sarsen Stones 2

 Sarsen Stone No. Wl7D

  St. John's Church, St. John's Street.

SU 487 294

 Sarsen Stone No. W17E

  Castle Grounds, Castle Avenue.

SU 477 294

 Sarsen Stone No. W.l7F

  The plague stone, Upper High Street.

SU 477 296

 Sarsen Stone No. W.l7H

  St. George's Street.

SU 480 295

Sarsen Stones 2

 Sarsen Stone No. Wl7I

  Abbey Gardens, High Street. (Group of three)

SU 485 292

Sarsen Stones 2

 Sarsen Stone No. Wl7J

  Baring Road.    ( Group of ninety ?).

SU 489 293

Sarsen Stones 2

 Sarsen Stone No. Wl7K

  By the Cathedral  Close Gate.

SU 481 290

Sarsen Stones 2

 Sarsen Stone No. W.l7K

  Abbots Barton. Two street markers.  (Only 1 found)

SU 483 306

Sarsen Stones 2

 Sarsen Stone No. Wl7N

  On the corner of Minster Lane and St. Thomas Street.

SU 480 293

Sarsen Stones 2

 Sarsen Stone No. Wl7O

  Corner of St. Cross Road and Canon Street.

SU 478 291

 Sarsen Stone No. W.l7O

  Buried stone at rear of Woolworth's, St. George's St.

SU 481 295

 Sarsen Stone No. Wl7P

  Alongside St. Cross Road. Buried in clay.

SU 476 282

Sarsen Stones 2

 Sarsen Stone No. Wl7R

  Outside Garth House, Edward Road.

SU 475 281

 Sarsen Stone No. Wl7U

  In the garden of Du Boulay's, No.11, Edgar Road.

SU 477 290

 Sarsen Stone No. W.l7V

  Edington Road. Buried stone marking old city limits.

SU 482 305

Sarsen Stones 2

 Sarsen Stone No. W.l7W

  Gateway of St. Bartholomew's Church, King Alfred Pl.

SU 481 301

 Sarsen Stone No. Wl7X

  In the garden of Chilcomb House, Chilcomb Lane.

SU 492 284

 Sarsen Stone No. 69U

  Foundations of St. Gertrude's Chapel, Abbots Barton.

SU 488 313

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