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The Dean Garnier Garden is a new addition to the Cathedral Close and lies on the site of the dormitory of the Benedictine Monastery which was established for over 500 years, until the dissolution.
The garden may be found between the site of the Chapter House and the Deanery and is accessed through a fine doorway and up a short flight of steps.

The Dorter Garden The Arbour The Presbytery Lawn
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View through the Arbour to the Presbytery Lawn View through the Arbour to the Presbytery Lawn View through the Arbour to the Presbytery Lawn

The garden, designed by Sally Hocking, features three ‘rooms’. The first of these is the Dorter Garden with it’s recumbent Quince tree set in a lawn, with a small border planting. A three arched metal Arbour separates  the Dorter Garden from the Presbytery Lawn and draws the eye to the old Deanery Bakehouse which is thereby incorporated into, but not part of, the Garden. Roses ‘Celine Forestier’ climb the Arbour and will, in time, shade the low stone benches underneath. To the left of the Bake House a little dog lies curled up beneath a fine stone bench seat.

The Lady Chapel Garden
A little dog lies curled up beneath this fine stone bench seat.
The Arbour with the Deanery  Bakehouse  at it's Southen end

The space and simplicity of the first two gardens come to  focus at a Yew hedge that was

The Lady Chapel Garden
Dorter Garden viewed from the Arbour

designed to part surround a statue of St Michael. Almost hidden behind this hedge is the Lady Chapel Garden. This has a much wider planting and is designed to give a variety of form and colour throughout the year by the use of a careful mix of flowering and foliage plants.
Dean Thomas Garnier was a founding member of the Hampshire Horticultural Society established 1818. Many of the trees to be seen in the Close today were planted by Dean Garnier, after his arrival in 1840. The memorial garden was built, and is maintained by, the Friends of Dean Garniers Garden. It’s creation, and continued maintenance, relies upon charitable donations from the public, and the dedicated care of the Friends.

The Garden in 2002 Door to The Dean Garnier Garden
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The Garden in 2002
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