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City of Winchester UK City of Winchester UK

We invite you to take a tour of the City of Winchester UK, the ancient Capital of Wessex.
The County Town of Hampshire in the UK
A City of Kings.

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Winchester is the ancient Capital of Wessex, the County Town of Hampshire, England.
It’s the burial place of many of England’s Kings, Queens, Saints, and  famous people such as Jane Austen, Izaac Walton and Keats. Here the rule of Common Law was established, the Domesday Book compiled, and  the  Winchester Bible written. Many ancient institutions, such as hospitals, schools and religious foundations still survive to influence daily life in the City.

The City of Winchester UK is an online travel guide to Winchester, Hampshire, UK.
Here you can see pictures of Winchester and discover aspects of the City that are not readily available via other web sites about Winchester.

The idea of this site is to provide a useful insiders guide to Winchester and the surrounding area.
See pictures of  the World famous Winchester Cathedral, and ‘King Arthur’s’ Round Table. Discover some of the history of Winchester and the history of the people that shaped the City.

It’s one persons, sometimes quirky, view of the City.

Please enjoy your visit to City of Winchester, UK.

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