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The City Museum Emblem of the Royal Green Jackets. The Wesgate Museum

There are six military and four civic museums or permanent exhibitions in Winchester.
Clicking on a links in the ‘Military Museums’ section will give you details for each military museum.
Details of other museums and exhibitions is provided in the ‘Local Museums’ section.

Military Museums

The Gurkha Museum

Gurkha Museum

The Royal Green Jackets

The Royal Green Jackets

The Royal Hussars

The Royal Hussars

The Light Infantry

The Light Infantry

The Royal Hampshire Regiment

The Hampshire Regiment

The Adjutant General’s Corps

The Adjutant General's Corps

Local Museums

More about the City Museum

The City Museum

More about the Westgate Museum

The Westgate

More about the Historic Resources Centre

Historic Resources Centre

More about the Guildhall Gallery

The Guildhall Gallery





Short Block at Peninsula Barracks

Round Table
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